Social Media Marketing is the fastest growing way to market your business.

Just like having a website, social media marketing has gone from a nice to have to a need to have tool to attract new customers.

Social Media Marketing drives new business

Social media helps you connect with current customers and leverage those connections to get yet even more new customers. It’s the perfect tool to market yourself online.

The numbers are staggering:

Over 1.15 billion Facebook users, 500+ million Google+ and Twitter users, 238 million LinkedIn users, and 70 million Pinterest users. In fact, about 46% of web users use social media for making a purchase.

The problem? If you aren’t there, you are losing business.

That’s where Social Media Quickies marketing guides come in. Our guides are designed to get you up and running with social media quickly and armed with the right knowledge to market your business- like a pro. The guides are packed with just what you need to be successful: nothing more, nothing less. They were designed by a small business owner, for small business owners, who don’t have the time or money for classes, thick books, or expensive consultants.
46% of web users use social media for making purchases.
Social media helps connect you with current customers AND potential customers.
Social media marketing is a MUST for any business.

How Social Media Quickies Will Help You Conquer Social Media Marketing

We include marketing guides for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Each guide is set up so you can easily reference what you need quickly, starting with the basics and ending with advanced tips and techniques you can implement right away to get the best results.
Understanding Social Media

Understanding Each Website

Not only explains what each site is, but gives you reasons why it’s important for your business to include it in your marketing efforts.
Setup and Branding

Setup and Branding

Walks you through setup, and coaches you on how to brand it effectively. Plus, it includes branding graphics that guide you where to place everything.
Targeted Marketing Plan

Targeted Marketing Plan

Teaches how to reach your target audience and helps you plan your time by outlining a simple daily, weekly, and monthly plan for your social media marketing.
The Perfect Post

The Perfect Post

Breaks down what makes a successful post and teaches you how to successfully write your own to drive interaction.
Getting the most from social media

Getting The Most From Each Website

Each social media site is different, so we dig into the details of how to get results with proven marketing tactics.
Build Your Influence

Build Your Influence

Goes deeper on how to grow your connections on each site by using specific actions to build relationships with your current and future customers.
Growing Your Audience

How To Measure Your Success

Simplifies the task of tracking your success from your social media marketing to show you your return on your time investment.
Pro Tips

Pro Tips

Are the secret weapon of the guide, giving you big things you can do to boost your social media marketing results immediately.

But wait- there’s more! (Too Cliche?)

By ordering from our website, you will also receive our EXCLUSIVE additional guides:

The Content Marketing Guide

Social Media Content Guide(or “What To Talk About on Social Media”) is our in depth content marketing guide that coaches you on what to talk about on your social media sites and in your blog. We’ve broken down what good content is, given you a content road map for producing tons of great content, and we’ve packed in over 125 great content ideas. You’ll never wonder what to write about again!

Social Media Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing PlansOur exclusive social media marketing plan details what you can do daily, weekly and monthly for ALL of the major social media websites, laid out in step-by-step daily tasks based on how much time you have. Whether you have 15, 30, or 60 minutes a day, both novices and professionals will have an easy to follow social media marketing plan to get great results.
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